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Honey Bangladesh

Honey Bangladesh is a mirror of few beekeepers in Bangladesh mostly South-East part of the country. We are managing partner of the “Honey Bangladesh”  

  1. Mohammad Ebadullah Afzal, Mohammad Anowar Sardar managing partner of The Moukhamar Sarbadhunik Karan Kandro in short (MOWSHOK). Started beekeeping in 2000.   
  2. Showkat Hyat Khan, producer, wholesaler and distributer of honey.

We are interested and combined for providing best service to the all level of people of Bangladesh with varieties of honey. We are selling honey directly to customers and collect feedback on quality maintained by us. We are always conscious about the best quality of honey. We ensure 100% natural/organic Honey with money back guarantee in case of proving with evidence of bad honey for customer and consumer.

We collect honey round the year November-June by shifting bee firm field-to-field. This journey of shifting firm started middle of November month for in purpose of collection Mustard Honey from mustard flower of Manikganj, Tangail, Sirajgonj, Magura, Munshiganj, Bogra. After that we shift our firms to Lychee field at Dinajpur, Gazipur and Pabna, then Nigella at Sariatpur, Madaripur and Gopalgonj and finally Sundarban at Khulna, Bagerhat, Satkhira districts of Bangladesh.

We collect 40-80 kg honey per box per year. We also collect Pollen, Propolis, Royel Jelly, bee-venom, wax and queen bees.  We collect from own production and from other beekeepers of Bangladesh.

We sell to the company in bulk mostly to the pharmaceutical companies, food and cosmetic manufacturer companies.

We participate in all Honey Fairs in Bangladesh and outside of Bangladesh for promotion and introduction of our products.   

We all know little or more,

Honey is a sweet yellowish or brownish or liquid goldish viscid fluid produced by various bees from the nectar of flowers and used as tasty, healthy food.

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